Systems Admin/Engineer

AWS, Azure, GCP, VMware, OpenStack, bare-metal, Unix/Linux, Windows Server, Apache/Nginx, networking (including VPN), DBMS (MySQL, Postgres, Mongo) setup and administration for projects of any size and duration.
You tell me what you want to set up, where you want to set it up, what hardware you'd like it to run on, and I'll tell you:
 - Whether or not it's possible
 - An estimate of how much time it will take
 - How much it will cost for hardware, software and my effort to set it all up and maintain it
 - When I can start
 - How to maintain it (or how much it will cost you per hour, or per task, for me to do so... your choice.)

I AM NOT A DEVELOPER, though I may be able to do some minor development tasks.
I AM DEFINITELY NOT A WEB DESIGNER. I can't do that at all.